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Nature printing with leaves, flowers and shells from the beach. A wonderful way to observe the stunning detail in our natural world and capture it on paper! 

Perfect for children with a fear of drawing or making mistakes. In this workshop we will be recording nature and designing. 1.5 hours. Materials provided but it's more lovely if you bring some of your own leaves in. £10. per child. Ages 7 to 14.

Welcome! Croeso to HenryART!

What is the Henry Hedgepodge Academy of Art?

Henry Hedgepodge Academy of ART is an expressive arts school and studio where the creative and therapeutic process of art making is employed to enhance the psychological and social well-being of individuals of all ages, learning needs and health conditions. 

It is at its heart, an adult and children’s safe space for self-expression through the mediums of visual art, writing, play, music + drama, for healing, transformation, rejuvenation, self-discovery, creative learning and exploration. The sessions are confidential and person-centered, led by creative and expressive arts practitioner Deborah Withey. As well, classic art + design lessons + workshops are offered for children and adults.

The studio is located on the first floor of The Green Shed, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Masks are now optional due COVID 19 health + safety

What's offered for children and adults?
-  Creative arts therapy on referral 1:1 for ages 8 to 25
-  Group creative respite sessions for Carers + families
-  Classic art classes in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting
-  GCSE and A-level portfolio tutorials for art, design, photography
-  CPD workshops for professionals in expressive arts methods

Courses + Workshops 
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  • printmaking monoprints design surface pattern pembrokeshire print exp...

    2 hr

    40 British pounds
  • Release through making what may be difficult to express in words.

    1 hr 30 min

    35 British pounds
  • Allow your eyes and hands to voice your self-expression

    1 hr 30 min

    25 British pounds

Creative learning for children (ages 8 - 12) -- day/time flexible email Deborah

1. Literacy + numeracy thru expressive arts methods

2. Rhythms + Blues -- Drawing to Music

3. Colour palette art

Art tutoring for teens -- day/time flexible email Deborah

1. GCSE art + design, photography

2. A-Level photography, art + design

3. FE photography, art + design, textile, fashion

4. Creative writing

Lessons -- day/time flexible email Deborah

-- How to use Powerpoint or Keynote to organise + design a presentation 

Welcome to Henry's creative studio SAFE space!

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