About the owner + creative practitioner

Deborah Withey, a transmedia journalist, designer, illustrator and lecturer worked as a design director for large metro newspapers in the States leading the design, art and photojournalism teams to create meaningful, engaging and stimulating content for readers. In 2012, still mid-career, Debs received the International Society of News Design’s (SND) highest honour, the Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in her craft and as a leader in visual journalism education.


The honour gave Debs the license and courage to leave a career she loved to pursue another love, engaging with individuals with learning, physical and emotional difficulties.


As a creative practitioner I lead a variety of one-to-one and group workshops in my studio and in nature which are designed to bring out an individual’s creative voice. My aim is to gently lead the participant, through the medium of art, to express themselves in whatever way they need. It may be a carefree release of joy or a release from emotional pain.


My work is for all ages and with those who have or who are suffering from bereavement or going through chemotherapy or recovering from emotional or physical difficulties.


I have specific experience in working with those with Aphasia after a stroke and work in tandem with physiotherapy routines.


​I am BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) trained to work through the medium of art and drama with Looked After Children and with individuals of any age with ADL, ASC, low self-esteem, aphasia, grief, and anxiety, I provide my work primarily in partnership with Pembrokeshire CC Social Services, PCC Community Connectors and Action for Children.